Angle X incorporated

Angle-X Incorporated is proud to release the AX45 and AX90 couplings. Based off a ball and puck design, the AX line of couplings is the first and only real alternative in hundreds of years addressing the limits of the universal joint. Our line of AX couplings yields many performance advantages that are unheard of with the current universal joint. Some of these advantages are constant velocity with dissimilar degree of angles. The ability to perform at higher speeds with increased angles while maintaining less vibration and oscillation than the universal joint. The AX line of coupling carries all those advantages and is still able to maintain extreme axial torque loads. The AX45 coupling is a single coupling capable of 45-degree angle. We have taken two AX45 couplings and re-engineered them to create the AX90 C.V. This design allows for 90-degrees of angle and with correct phasing constant velocity is achieved. We offer the AX line of couplings in sizes ranging from 3/4" to 6" to fit a variety of shaft sizes. The AX line of couplings is available in a variety of metals to accommodate specific applications, whether its high strength, lightweight, or cost effective.  

AX-940 Haft shaft universal coupling. ( non plunging )

 AX-40 934 replacement joint. We have designed the AX-40 to achieve higher angles and withstand more torque loads and less vibration then U joints. 


AX- 90 degree CV universal coupling.