Angle X Inc. X joint

  Angle-X Inc. is proud to release our revolutionary type of precision  X  joint. Our design of u joint is based off a ball and puck design.  Angle X  line of u joints has  performance advantages over current u joint designs . line of 45 and 90 degree joints. The X joint u joint will hold high axial loads, high angles, high torque loads up to 1500 R.P.M. We have  ISO 9001 cert. line of products. Angle X Inc. has been granted a US and international patents.

INDUSTRIES: Tool, Industrial u joint, Food and beverage, Marine, Aerospace, Auto.

MATERIAL: Alloy steel  300-m, 4340, 4140, Stainless, 17-4 , 15-PH, Inconel. Aluminum. 

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Thank you, Angle X Inc.